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About Us

The awesome crew behind the NYC Beach Bus is all about fun and the pursuit of a great time on the beach so they started this bus company to give New Yorkers that same experience. Founded in 2013, their beach destinations are all about experiencing the best beaches and summer life on the north east.

Trip Information

Go to the beach or to a live concert.

NYC departure time:
Downtown Brooklyn: 8:40 AM
Union Square vicinity 9:00 AM
Williamsburg 9:15 AM
Beach departure times:
Jones Beach: 6:00PM
Transportation:* Luxury coach bus *
Amenities: A/C, bathroom, music, movies, candy, drinks, snacks, and an awesome host.

The details: Jones Beach, the place where I spent my summers as a kid, and pretended to play volleyball as an adult, but it really was an excuse to drink with some friends. Whenever you go to Jones Beach, you tend to run into an old friend, or make new ones. With an abundant amount of food to choose from, you’ll always find something to satisfy your palate.

There is so much to do here, tennis, golf, mini golf, basketball, volleyball, concerts, biking, surfing, and miles of sand. Oh yeah, and swim in the ocean as well. So come join us and have some fun on the NYC Beach Bus.

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